Project 5: Restoration of a Public school Building in Kuwait to meet International Green LEED Certi

Proposed Budget: 1,000,000 $

Sponsored by" Kuwait Fund, others

Key Partners: Ministry of education, MEW, others

Many of the projects at KWA are interested in implementing sustainable infrastructure along the lines of technical advancement for the purpose of water protection and water and energy conservation.

The premise of this project is to assist in building the first green certified academic institution in Kuwait by meeting International Green standards certified by (LEED) Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, minimum silver category level certification. We aim to fulfill the following factors: sustainable site, water and energy efficiency (such as grey water recycling for agricultural use), green material and resources, and indoor environmental quality. These five pillars are our objective to meet. One aspect of this project is to restore a new school, while including implementation of advanced technologies. The second segment of this project is to renovate an existing public school to meet international green standards. Our intention is to do this in collaborative efforts with the architecture and consultation firm, and the Ministry of Education in Kuwait which has a projected goal of new efficient building constructions for an academic institution in 2017. We also aim to utilize funding from the Kuwaiti Fund for Development (which has resources numbering in 150 billion kwd utilized for development in Arab and Muslim countries). Our hope is to effect a major shift in Arab countries by being the change. This will be done in conjunction with research studying the overall efficiency of the system.

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