Project 3: Plant 1 million trees in Kuwait Desert Using New Technology

Proposed Budget: Not specified

Sponsored by: KFAS, PAAF, others

Key Partners: PAAF, API, other partners to be specified

Official Project Title (Proposed): Sheikh Amir Humanitarian Leader Forest.

Groasis is water saving anti-desertification technology created in the Netherland, that allows for the planting of trees in dry climates.

KWA has an MOU signed with Groasis regional representative, creating a framework of understanding between both sides. The proposed project is based on a minimum five year project to plant 1 million trees in the desert of Kuwait using this innovative technique. Some questions we are openly considering are how to ensure protection of native flora and ensure a sustainable support system for this project long term.

Prior to this project, we have conducted a training course for officials and technicians in Kuwait and outside. The training has been conducted at API from 23-25 October 2017 in Kuwait. This training has targeted 40 participant from different ministries and institutions, most of them were official employees from sectors related to agriculture.

The training, which was delivered by two experts from Netherlands, included a practical planting using the Groasis technique in the garden of API.

Groasis features as one of the sustainable business opportunities chosen by the UN Global Compact for inclusion in its 2017 Global Opportunity Report for the disruptive solution the Groasis offers to global soil depletion

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