Project 2: Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) into Bio-Diesel in Kuwait

Proposed Budget: Not specified

Sponsored by: KFAS

Key Partners: KFAS, other partners to be specified

In the project Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) into Bio-Diesel, KWA aims to make use of the waste cooking oil from all over Kuwait in an efficient, cost effective and ecofriendly way to produce Bio-diesel. Waste oil is otherwise dumped into sinks of homes and restaurants and in water sources which causes blockages in sewage pipes as well as extreme contamination of water. Biodiesel is a combustible fuel that is biodegradable and made from vegetable oil or animal fat. More specifically, biodiesel is defined as an oxygenated, non-toxic, and eco-friendly alternative diesel oil. Through research and techniques being used in other countries, KWA will be using advanced methodologies for this process of successful conversion of waste oil to Bio-diesel. This project helps the environment in the following ways:

  • Helps create a proper disposal system for waste oil which reduces pollution and contamination of water resources.

  • Helps create an efficient method to produce an eco-friendly fuel which will induce cleaner air with less hydrocarbon emissions

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