Project 2: Conducting a Periodic Statistical Study in Educational Facilities for Measuring the Water

Approved Budget: 100,000$

Sponsored by: Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS)

Key Partners: Ministry of education, Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW)

Duration: 12 month

We intend to assist in implementing more efficient measures for improving the water utilization situation at schools. It is worth mentioning that there is no periodic accurate information regarding the amount and usage of water in Kuwaiti schools.

The available information is limited to some decisions carried out by the Ministry of Electricity and Water. The available information indicates that the amount of water used in the schools of the Ministry of Education in recent years is dramatically increasing (as a result of an increase in the number of schools and students, as well as expansions and renovation of current school buildings.) The results of such studies indicate that the current practice of water use in schools is unsustainable and will lead to continuous increase of water usage and associated cost. This will cause a negative impact on our overall water supply and the Ministry of Education's budget if not met with immediate action and the implementation of more efficient measures to manage this.

Regularly recorded information is needed to correctly assess the situation and pair the problem with awareness programs that should be standardized. This requires periodic monitoring and data collection, with results made available that can assist in clarity concerning the current water situation and its impact on the water source.

Therefore, in this project we will be conducting a Periodic Statistical Study in Educational Facilities by Measuring Water Consumption, and raising awareness among students, teaching staff and corrective services. This study is partially funded by (KFAS) Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences.

We seek to assess the real consumption by connecting Water Data Loggers to the water meters. The loggers will measure and show the Minimum Night Flow (MNF) for each school. MNF will give us accurate information about the water usage behavior inside the schools as well as the required measures and solutions needed to be carried out in the future to correct any inefficiencies in the system creating wasteful usage.

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