Project 1: Water Guide to Raise Efficiency of Water Use in Kuwait

Approved Budget: 450,000$

Sponsored by: Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD)

Key Partners" Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW), Arab Planning Institute (API)

Duration: 24 month

The project is funded by Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development (AFESD) and plans to conduct a national water auditing study for buildings with high water consumption in Kuwait. This particular study is specified mainly to governmental or Ministry high consuming buildings, and it’s purpose is to record potential problems with water conservation. The Ministry of Electricity and Water is our strategic partner on this project and are providing technical support. They provided us with an extensive list revealing which governmental buildings in Kuwait are high consumers of water. The study will be conducted to audit, out of the list from the Ministry of Electricity and Water, 15 of the high water and energy consumer buildings in Kuwait pre- and post- installation of water saving and conservation technologies.

Implementing efficient adjustments to the buildings after initial data has been collected (e.g. aerators added to faucets to reduce the amount of excess water used in each individual use, and grey water system installation for the purpose of recycling grey- water for agricultural use), and re-conducting the study to show the record of change toward energy savings and water conservation. Another segment of this project is to provide the results recorded in the study, i.e. changes in efficiency due to conservation based renovations, directly to the Ministry of Electricity and Water, as well as to the original 15 building agencies, and to a multi-national region.

Fulfilling our goal of international scope we will be making the results available to many Arab countries through conducting regional workshops for governmental bodies. The objective is to make the results of the study readily available to transfer the knowledge, experience, and methodologies for efficient upgrades to other government Ministries internationally so that these innovative solutions may be more widely implemented and the projects repeated in other national and international locations.

The final segment of the initial project is the training of staff members in the original

15 agencies for 2 months on how the study was done, and water and energy saving techniques. Another aspect of scaling growth proposed for this project is to eventually move to the private sector after completion of this and other projects in Government and Educational facilities.

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