Project 3: Water and Energy Efficiency Program in Schools (e-content solutions)

Total Budget: 50,000$

Sponsored by: Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS), others

Key Partners: Ministry of education, Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW)

Duration: 6 month

The E-Content (online portal) project's goal is to create and implement educational material for the purpose of awareness building on sustainability and conservation. This online portal is being created initially to bring educational material into academic institutions so teachers and students can access information on sustainability in energy use and water conservation in the country of Kuwait.

Ultimately the goal is to extend the reach of this portal to an Internationally audience, as the conservation information there-in aligns with global standards and objectives around sustainability. This project is being done in partnership with KFAS The Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (

This instructional app will allow for conscious participation by all individuals, youth included. An important aspect of this project is recognizing and utilizing students as co-contributors in revamping systems toward greater efficiency. When everyone is involved in a system's growth it happens quicker and more effectually conditions all participants.

The energy and water usage and cost is reduced by implementing conscious practices and integrating more efficient technology. Also when a school is energy efficient it also tends to be healthier. Student's performance increases when their school's atmosphere is healthier. This project strives to show that energy efficient atmospheres create healthy environments which then assist the performance and functioning of inhabitants. In effect, making changes toward greater sustainability will have a drastic increase in a system's overall efficiency.

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