Other objectives of the KWA include but not limited to:

  • Fulfill demand for a leading presence in Kuwait in all aspects and areas of sustainability with water.

  • Have a distinct role in the preservation of water resources and preventing water wastage.

  • Contribute significantly to supporting individual, organizational, and governmental awareness of water issues.

  • Seek to enhance the global reputation and prestige of the activities of the association.

  • Be a regional leader in performance related to sustainable development.

Kuwait Water Association (KWA) was established in accordance with the Ministerial Decree No. (87) in the year of 2012 to carry out the responsibility of protecting water resources through scientific advancement and raising awareness in water and water-energy relationship. Our goal is to maintain water-energy conservation, provide service and conduct developmental projects as well as specialized research projects that contribute to sustainable practices with water and energy.

KWA has been able, in a short period, to achieve many of its objectives. This has been done by converting substantive plans to practical developmental plans. All activities are measured against current international progress achieved in the different fields of water and energy. KWA has been able to achieve distinct successes in the education and implementation of sustainability of water-energy. This gained the admiration of citizens and built bridges of constructive cooperation between KWA, governmental organizations, and the local community.

KWA's main objective is to raise awareness about sustainable practices with water and energy, for individuals and institutions in the State of Kuwait, and effectually condition unification with more sustainable global policies. We are also currently creating digital educational resources to be used internationally. We have found methods on how to conserve and sustainably consume water-energy, as well as regulate the exposure of pollutants to the water supply which is much needed both in the general public and private sectors in Kuwait. We provide consultation on water-energy projects in partnership with public and private sector organizations and encourage the government’s effort in water conservation and sustainable development.

Two agreements were signed with two key ministries in Kuwait. The first agreement was signed with the Ministry of Electricity and Water and the second with the Ministry of Education. KWA has worked for hand in hand with the legislative authority, especially the House of the National Assembly of Kuwait to develop the current water laws and regulations.

Kuwait Water Association has been granted accreditation as an observer to the governing body of UN Environment, which was renamed as the United Nations Environment Assembly of the United Nations Environment Programme by the General Assembly Resolution 67/251 of 13 March 2013. KWA will forthwith receive invitations as an observer to all public meetings and sessions of the United Nations Environment Assembly and its subsidiary organs. As an accredited organization, KWA is required to file a report of its activities to UN Environment every four years from the date of accreditation. This report known as the quadrennial report is to be submitted to the Secretariat of Governing Bodies in a specific format that UN Environment will communicate to you.

In the year 2016, KWA won the Ford International Award organized in Dubai for our study entitled: “Measuring Water Consumption in Educational Facilities” in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

Recently in October 2017, KWA has received a big Award from ISESCO after winning for the best practice project implemented in 13 schools belong to the Ministry of Education in Kuwait. The ceremony of granting the award was under His Majesty Mohammad IV the King of Morocco at the ISESCO Headquarters in Rabat. The Award is called Saudi Award for Environmental Management of Islamic Countries.


Support the government efforts in water security projects through projects and initiatives under the management of national and international excellence and social involvement.
To be a pioneer in the water security issues of the State of Kuwait and the region as well. This can be achieved by the sustainable use and management of water resources.


Support the government efforts in water security projects through projects and initiatives under the management of national and international excellence and social involvement.


KWA's strategy is a long-term approach for the sustainable use and management of water resources in the State of Kuwait, other GCC states, and internationally. It recognizes that water is the main source for life to exist and for communities to be sustained. KWA's strategy is in part directed towards the changes in Kuwait’s water resources due to the impact of population growth and future development, as well as by water quality and safety over time. KWA is committed to carrying out research and development to support Kuwait’s  (keeping in mind international impact due to Kuwait being one of the highest consumers of water globally) water resource usage toward increasing levels of efficiency for the sake of the future. KWA puts emphasis on capacity building in the private and government sectors and highlights new technologies in water use to achieving national goals of sustainable management of water resources in Kuwait.
Four Pillars were identified in this strategy, which focus on the key development objectives related to water resources for the State of Kuwait community:

Pillar 1- Raising Awareness about Water:

The goal of this first pillar is to raise awareness about the activities related to optimal interaction with water resources. (i.e pollutants due to improper waste management, excessive salinity due to over emphasis on desalination etc)  Programs under this strategic pillar include promoting the importance of raising awareness in the private and public sectors. This includes the general public, school students, teachers, institutions, companies, and government agencies.

Pillar 2 - Conservation of Water Resources:

The goal of this pillar is to carry out various activities toward conservation of water resources in the State of Kuwait. KWA will take all steps possible to raise the issue of conservation of water on the national level with concerning authorities in order to save water supply and meet future needs. The Programs under this pillar include raising public awareness, restoration of water production facilities, water recycling, water safety, as well as introducing and implementing smart technology to conserve water.    

Pillar 3 - National Water Management and Policy

The goal of this third strategic pillar will focus on creating a national water management plan to make water sustainable for the State of Kuwait. Programs under this pillar include observation of all types of water usage for the purpose of regulation and more efficient project implementation, protection of water resources, creation of a strategic reserve, creation of a master water plan, and to promote policy programs for water resources and the sake of water security.

Pillar 4- Research in Water Resources

The goal of this fourth strategic pillar is to propose research projects related to KWA's objectives. The focus of this pillar will be in data collection to validate the need for more innovative solutions and increased focus on sustaining water resources.

Pillar 5- Enhancing Staff Capacity Building:

The goal of the fifth pillar is to enhance staff capacity building in governmental and non-governmental sectors by offering training courses, (further building awareness in the field of water) to achieve protection of water resources and greater sustainable practices in the State of Kuwait and other GCC states. KWA collaborates with training institutions and centres in Kuwait and abroad to effectively achieve the goal of this pillar.